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Therapeutic Massage London


Therapeutic massages can be provided on their own or incorporated with an erotic massage. You will need to discuss with the masseuse before to determine what they offer and what you are seeking.  They have been used for centuries to relieve tension in the muscles as well as relax the body and mind.


There are many different types of therapeutic massages that each will have its own unquie benefits. The most frequent types are Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology Massage and Sports Massage.





Swedish oil massage is the most popular therapeutic massage commonly requested. Therapeutic massage uses a variety of stroking, relaxing, pressure and flowing movements over the whole body to treat and prevent a number of body aches, pains or uncomforts with stress.  It is also used frequently for deep relaxation to recharge the body and mind.


Benefits can include lower blood pressure, reducing anxiety, improves the sleep cycle and help reduce insomnia, can help reduce depression, boosts immunity, improve muscular tension, ease joints, and improves skin condition.





Deep tissue massage is a much stronger, firmer massage aimed specifically to relieve tight muscle tensions or damaged muscles. Can be used for those workers who do a lot of physcial movement, gym users and other sports people. It will help the blood circulation into the muscle area, work the tissue areas and release the tension.





Aromatherapy massage is regarded as an art and a science. It is also regarded as a holistic form of medicine using plant aromatic extracts as a preventative and active massage treatment during certain stages of illness.




Reflexology massage specialise in applying a given amount of presure at specific points of the body. It is a complimentary medicine that focuses on reflex areas mainly in the hand and feet. It has a Chinese origin of over 3 thousand years ago!


Many people who use it, believe it can help increase the speed of recovery from colds, minor ailments as well as more serious ones. Therefore, its popularity is growing.




Sports massage combines both massage and stretch techniques to promote athletic performance.  By helping the muscles with increased range of movements this type of message can help prevent injury from physical sports activity as well as aid rehabilitation.


It will often be based on swedish massage but also incorporate a combination of other elements such as stretching, toning, applying friction, applying trigger point response similar to acupressure.



Below are some recommended Therapeutic Massage providers in London but for full featured list see Homepage.

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Sports Massage London
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