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Referral Program

Want to Earn Money?

This is your chance to earn by helping promote the great advantages for other masseuses to be on LondonMassageListUK.


You can make money, whether your already a masseuse /massage establishment already advertising here, or not and would just like to promote and make a financial benefit.


It is very simple.  All you need to do is refer the masseuse or massage establishment to us and if they feature advertise* with us then we will pay you £30. Or if you are already advertising in the featured page we can give you 1 month free. Contact us with you referal. It is easy!








1. The masseuse or massage establishment must take at least a minimum 1 month feature advert.

2. From the referal date they must sign up and complete payment within 14 days.

3. You can only refer a maximum 10 masseuses or establishments within any 1 month.

4. A referal payment can only be made if the masseuse/massage establishment has not featured here before and is signing up as new.

5. Only 1 payment or 1 month free will be given regardless how long they remain advertised.

6. If payment is chosen will be given as crypto currency in choice of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, XRP.

These terms are as of January 2018 and can change at an given time in the future.

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