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Body To Body London Massage


Using all the same aspects that go with erotic sensual massage, the body to body massage enhances this further where the masseuse will be covered in a sensual oil or lotion and use her own body to slide over yours to enhance the sensations as you feel the masseuses body over yours.  This can provide a real unique erotic sensation, from just a standard sensual massage, that those never experienced a body to body massage can look forward to.  This can be performed fully naked, as a naturist experience, by you and the masseuse or both partially clothed.


You can learn much more information with the LMLUK E-book that goes into more detail, gives more advice on finding the best masseuse for you and includes Membership offering you many discounts and offers to London and UK masseuse providers here.


Below are some recommended Body to Body Massage providers in London but for full featured list see Homepage.

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