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So what are the London Erotic Massage Prices? 

What is a good erotic massage price to pay in London?


Nobody wants to overpay, correct? Of course not. So we decided to do a statistical survey that looked into the erotic massage prices in London of over 450 independent masseuses, massage establishments and agencies. These were all over London from North to South and East to West.


Some interesting results were that there were often no differences in average prices from independent masseuses to agencies. One main difference affecting prices sometimes was the location - luxury residence to less desirable location (although there were some luxury locations at equally great prices). Also these prices have not changed really in about 8 years in London. 


1 Hour - Hot Oil / Deep Tissue / Chinese Massage/ Swedish Massage with sensual touch

Average Price: £70 (Price range from £60 to £85)

1 Hour - Erotic Naked Body2body tantric / Soapy Body2body

Average Price: £100 (Price range from £90 to £140)


1 Hour - Nuru Body2body tantric

Average Price: £150 (Price range from £120 to £170)



Outcall Visiting Price

Average Price extra on top of incall price: £30 (Price range from extra £20 to £40)

Now you know the prices keep them in mind when planning your next relaxing erotic massage!


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